Yovanna Ventura is a girl of many faces.  She is a mainstream model, a fitness model, Justin Beiber's ex-girlfriend, animal lover, and Latina Goddess are just a few of her accolades.  And on the verge of turning 21 years old, this beautifully toned young woman is just beginning to leave her mark on the Internet.  At 5′ 9″ and nearly 4 million Instagram fans, you may think that Yovanna could be a bit intimidating.  However, this Miami native is quite the opposite.  Yovanna has an enormous heart, especially when it comes to being an animal lover and advocate.  She currently works with places such as Black Jaguar / White Tiger Foundation and Urgent Dogs of Miami to name a couple.

Growing up, Yovanna's mother encouraged her to pursue her career in modeling and fitness. Her all-natural curves come from both good genes and hard work in the gym, where Yovanna often posts photos from. You can also find all sorts of health and fitness tips from the upcoming fitness model.  She lets you in on her secrets to maintaining her perfectly formed rear end.

Yovanna Ventura Photos and Video



SOURCES:  Instagram // Facebook // Website

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