West Twins, Lucy West and Jenny West, are starting to make themselves known in the world of fitness and social media.  They are rapidly building a following on Instagram and have been popping up on various men's entertainment websites on the Web.  They have naturally muscular physiques that they didn't always embrace.  However, finding inspiration from the likes of fitness models such as Paige Hathaway and Jessica Arevalo, they soon started their journey into the world of fitness and helping many others along the way.

Both Jenny West and her twin, Lucy West, have some of the most incredibly athletic bodies I have seen.  Their hard work is inspriational and notable.  Both are body builders and personal trainers from Staffordshire, England.  With the amount of time they spend working out, it is easy to understand why these ladies eat up to 8 times a day!!  They admit that they love food and NEVER order takeout or fast food.  They have maintained a very healthy diet their entire lives.  Now these ladies help others find their way to healthier lifestyles via the various programs offered on their website.

I am loving the West Twins.  Between the excellent eyecandy and a great attitude towards health and fitness, I am certain we will see much more coming from these two ladies as their popularity begins to spread.


SOURCE:  West Twins / Playboy / Instagram / Facebook


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