Violet Doll has been a controversial model when it comes to the world of online modeling.  After losing several solo sites and getting banned from a few webcam sites, she seems to have dwindled quite a bit as far as her fan base and modeling has gone.  It is never easy to see such great potential lose its way.  However, we are fortunate to have exclusive access to her hottest content she ever shot.  You can find self-shot content (including those infamous Walmart naughty pics), professionally shot content, behind-the-scenes content, and candid content at  You will find not only Violet's naughty Valentine's Day antics, but dozens of other sexy girls offering content as well…including her friend, Gisele.  With Violet Doll's ass being as delightfully enticing as it is, it only seems appropriate that we share it on this #Humpday!  Enjoy!

Violet Doll Photos and Videos

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