Victoria Raye’s Sexy Workout Video

Victoria Raye has a truly amazing body and she works hard at keeping it that way.  In this video, you will catch a glimpse of a sexy workout with Victoria in her yoga pants and her yoga shorts.  I feel for anyone who has to attempt to workout with her nearby.  You would surely end up with an injury or two from being distracted by her amazing ass and bountiful boobs if she was in your gym.  She is very knowledgeable about health, fitness, and diet and has maintained a mostly-Paleo diet off and on over the past couple of years.  She doesn't just make sexy workout videos but she actually lives the healthy lifestyle as well.

Victoria Raye Photos and Webcam

It is “officially” now #WorkoutWednesday so it seemed ideal to share this short video of Victoria teasing us while working up a sweat.  However, it is never as good as the real live Victoria Raye!  You need to go catch our favorite Star Wars Nerd over at where you can check out more photos, videos and her free live webcam chatroom.  Victoria is excellent at being around several times a week to chat up her fans about all things Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and other nerdgasm worthy topics.



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