Victoria Raye know exactly how to get our blood pumping!  I was so excited when she texted me about these super sexy Star Wars themed selfies in honor of May the 4th!  With self shot photos like this, we can only simply wish that May the 4th was 365 days a year.  In our eyes, Victoria Raye is the truest of sexy nerds.  She lives, breathes, sleeps and shares so much of her love of Star Wars.  You can find more of Victoria's Star Wars and Yoga Pants Content Here.

Exclusive Star Wars Themed Webcam With Victoria Raye

“The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars movie, ” she told us.  When we asked her who her favorite Star Wars character is she responded with, “Ahsoka Tano!  I really love the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels animated series.  Her character progression was accomplished on a completely relatable level.  Also, she is a total badass during her show down with her former mentor and friend.”

Victoria Raye Star Wars Selfies - Victoria Raye Star Wars Selfies - Victoria Raye Star Wars Selfies - Victoria Raye Star Wars Selfies -
As always, you can catch Victoria Raye online several times a week at

And just one last bit of warning, her stalker and impersonator, Mary Buchanan.  She is still out there scamming people out of money and gifts using Victoria's photos and videos.  There is only one Victoria Raye and only one place where you can interact with the real deal…!


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