Victoria Raye is probably the hottest Star Wars fan I know.  She's not just a newbie fan girl, but she is a life long fan of the epic sci-fi series.  She is also a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, Batman, and other sexy nerd kinda things.  She's also incredibly intelligent and has helped pave the way for other webcam models over the years.  What's not to love about this gorgeous busty brunette?

Victoria Raye Photos and Videos

Victoria most often uses her Jedi mind tricks when it comes to her stalker / impersonator of several years, Mary Buchanan (we'll be sharing more about this crazy story later!).  This twat muffin of a stalker from South Carolina enjoys impersonating and scamming guys for money.  Do don't be fooled!  You can only find the REAL Victoria (aka Sweet Victoria) at or

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  • Bob Snot

    Damn, Victoria looks delicious, what a little sex kitten.

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