Vera Baby (aka Vera Bambi) is dressed as the perfect human Valentine.  If you are a fan of tattoos, cosplayers, and a girl who pushes the envelope, then you need to check out Vera Baby.  She is attempting to rebrand herself as “VeraBambi”, however, she will probably always remain “VeraBaby” to us.  No matter what name she decides to use, she is still going to be one of our favorite tattoo models.  Most importantly, you won't be able to control yourself from all of your Vera cravings once you check out Vera's fully nude website.  She offers HIGH RESOLUTION photos and videos in addition to extensive behind-the-scenes content, self shot content and a great deal more to satisfy those naughty needs.

VeraBambi Nude Photos and Videos

VeraBambi Valentine's Lingerie

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