Vera Baby has developed quite a fan base among cosplay fans everywhere.  You can often find her and her sexy costumes at various cons throughout North America.  She is also a popular tattoo model and webcam model as well.  Because she is able to pull off so many diverse looks, she attracts fans from all walks of the web.  The teasers below are from Vera's solo website at and is one of our personal favorites since it captures her bad-assery so well.  From the sexy horns she's throwin' to the skin tight leather pants and her insanely seductive eyes, she's captured some pretty hot images in this photo set.  We can't show you all the photos or even the highest resolution pics, but you can see all of that goodness on her website.

Vera is on a quest this month to make it to the Top 20 for her live webcam chats. It's completely free (yes, really…no credit card, no email, nothing needed). So if you would like an opportunity to check out this amazing alt model, then be sure to stop by to experience her for yourself.  But if you prefer high resolution photos and some really hot videos, then check out her solo website (or do both and experience ALL the Vera Baby you could ever want!).

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