Stanija Dobrojevic has several wonderful qualities.  However, her infamous booty has captivated the Internet for a few years now.  Stanija was born in Serbia on March 17, 1985.  Her father was a politician who lost his life in 1995.  In the wake of the violence, her mother ensured that Stanija and her brother were kept safe and received a good education in Croatia.  Eventually her education opened doors allowing her to work in the United States.  She landed her first job as a card dealer in Las Vegas.

It was when a nude selfie of Stanija was stolen and leaked to the Web that she gained an Internet following.  Stanija caught even more attention by winning the Playboy Golf Girlfriend.  She got her first taste of the Playboy Mansion and met several internationally known celebrities.  Soon after, Complex Magazine featured her as one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Women.  Needless to say, appearances in Maxim Magazine and Playboy soon followed.

Stanija currently is making waves as a pop star and a social media influencer.  You can check out some of her music videos on her YouTube Channel.  She certainly pushes herself to be extremely sexy in them!  Check her out on her Instagram Account and her Official Facebook Page as well.  She is one of the hottest exotic pop stars today.  If you want to see more of Stanija wearing a lot less then check out Playboy Plus.

Stanija Dobrojevic Sexy Photos

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