Slawada: Mystery Girl with the Killer Ass

Slawada has had the internet drooling for a few years now.  However, in those few years, she has yet to reveal herself fully.  Very little is known about this beautiful blonde with a killer ass.  She posts mostly self-shot images of that gorgeous booty of hers, however, we get a glimpse of other parts of her every once in awhile.  People speculate that she is from somewhere in Europe but no one seems to know who this InstaBabe is, but she has amassed a following of over 2.2 million on her Instagram account alone.  From what little I have found, she is a fan of pop culture, she is 420 friendly, loves the color red,  likes superheros and Steven King (per her profile information on DeviantArt).


You have to have major respect for Slawada's photography talent.  She states she takes all of these images herself.  She has no real tattoos, but she does love to add in some temporary tattoos every now and then.  And she does show more than her ass.  We get to enjoy her gorgeous flat stomach, bountiful boobs, and beautiful red lips on occasion as well.  But she never fully shows her face and remains anonymous to the world.  I think if she ever did reveal herself, she would lose some of the appeal she has created with her mysterious selfies.  Thanks for making the Internet a better place, Salwada.

Salwada Photo Gallery


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