Sabrina Nichole is a talented babe.  She is also very real and down-to-earth.  Imperfection is her perfection and more women should embrace it like she does.  She told Playboy Plus, “My body is not fit or flat,” states Sabrina. “It’s curvy, and I love it. My tummy is soft, and my boobies are fun sacks, plain and simple!” LOVE IT!  There is no bullshit with Sabrina.  She is certainly a role model for this generation of Internet models.

Sabrina Nichole is a 21 year old beauty from Dallas, Texas.  At 5′ 8″ with 32DDD natural breasts you would never guess she once considered herself an ugly duckling.  In her teen years, Sabrina erred on the side of nerdiness—she read manga, watched anime and played MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.  She still has her many nerdisms but she is certainly anything but ugly.  She has blossomed into a gorgeous Playboy Model.  “I was bullied in school, so I learned to be strong and independent,” says Sabrina. “That’s shaped me into the person I am today.” In the not-too-distant past, Sabrina was at work, clearing tables, when a Playboy photographer offered her a test shoot. “It was Bikini Week, so I was in a bathing suit,” she explains. “At first, I didn’t believe him—I mean, come on, anybody can say that they work for Playboy!” Once Jose showed Sabrina his work, she gladly agreed to come in for a test, and obviously, she passed with flying colors.

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at (NSFW), they have brought to our attention that she is now also modeling at one of our favorite new websites.  ThisYearsModel is now featuring some fresh new content from Sabrina Nichole as well. I am in love with the photos she shot for  These photos have a more natural appeal to them.  There's a touch of Miley Cyrus in her look.  Young, innocent, and fun all wrapped up into some naughty bits.  You will need to explore the member's area of ThisYearsModel to enjoy her naughtiness.  There are several other beautiful college aged girls there as well.

Sabrina Nichole Photos for This Years Model

Sabrina has quite a presence on social media and also hangs out on her Twitch account.  We appreciate a girl who interacts with her fans.  Her fans have so much love for her that you will often find her sharing fan art submissions.  Whether in cartoon form or human form, Sabrina Nichole is a work of art. Sabrina is surely causing nerdgasms throughout the interwebs.  Enjoy these photos of Sabrina Nichole.  This girl is going places!

SOURCES: Playboy Plus // ThisYearsModel // Twitter // Twitch

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