Nerdy girls have been known to cause certain eruptions in your pants (or panties).  Nothing can cause a nerdgasm better than seeing a sexy chick showing her love for all things sci-fi, video gaming, super hero-ish, pop culture coolness type of geeked out stuff. Not sure if that made sense, but you catch my drift and see where I am going with this.  We tend to appreciate those girls out there who are legitimate fans of whatever their nerd preferences are.  I mean, we love the tease that other girls can offer by wearing something nerdgasm inducing, but it is so much hotter when that certain babe really loves what she is flaunting.  We realize there are numerous debates online about what make a girl nerdy or geeky (just one “fake gamer girls” example).  However, we do not care to discuss this here.  Just sit back and take in the nerdy eyecandy and let those nerdgasms flow.

Eyecandi Girls


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