Naked Dodgeball is an event that occurs about once a year in the adult industry during a gathering in Phoenix, Arizona each spring.  This unique sporting event has been happening for several years and is one of the most popular events throughout the year during our webmaster gatherings.  We won't give specific details, but just know that some of the sexiest females with varying degrees of athletic ability gather together to pummel each other with dodgeballs.  It is played in the style of strip poker.  Each time a girl is hit with a ball, she loses a piece of clothing.  Once she is naked, then she is out of the game.  Some of our incredibly hot eyecandy models participate in this secretive sports event and we thought we would share a few of the exclusive photos from Naked Dodgeball for you to ogle.

Naked Dodgeball is a Legit Sport

If you are a fan of Pashence Marie (aka Luna Lynn), Mileena Kiani, or Layla Lynn then you are sure to enjoy this sexy team of dodgeball players.  I have a feeling that all of the guys on the sidelines probably lost track of the score…but they sure had their cameras and phones ready to catch all of the action.  Keep in mind, some of the nude photos we have had to share on our NSFW page via our friends at

Naked Dodgeball Photos

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