Monique Desire may be a mystery to some, but for those of us who have had the pleasure of enjoying this exotic model from Italy, she is one of the most beautiful dark-haired women you will have the opportunity to meet.  While Monique chooses to not fully disclose herself to the public for personal reasons, as many webcam models choose to do, I can assure you that in private she holds nothing back.  She takes amazing care of her body and it shows in the many photo and video teasers she shares.  Even more amazing is her beautiful face and hypnotic eyes.  The more intimate you get with Monique, the more you realize that this 5′ 8″ Italian model has so much to offer.

Her blue eyes, long legs, and sexy accent is enough to drive any man wild (or even other women).  Slow seduction is something Monique Desire has turned into an art form.  She has even won recognition as a webcam model because she is just that good and that beautiful.  Her vast collection of lingerie and other sexy outfits rivals that of most mainstream models today.  No matter what your fantasy is, she has you covered.  Monique Desire Photos and Videos

If you cannot catch Monique for a private webcam chat, you can check out her high resolution photos, videos, member chat archives, and much more in Monique Desire's Fan Club.  She consistently updates her exclusive content often and gives you full access to her from head to toe.  Be one of the few who gain exclusive access to all of Monique and know just how truly gorgeous she really is outside of her public photos and videos.

Over 50 Photos of Monique Desire

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