Model Resources

These model resources are perfect if you are you an online model (cam girl, solo model, social media vixen, etc) looking to expand your reach and fan base?  We have put together some excellent FREE resources for you ladies to take advantage of.  Keep in mind, however, it takes effort and consistency on your part or you will not reap the benefits.  Spamming yourself too much or only popping up when you need money won't work out well.  You need to view your online presence as a ‘real' 9-5 job in that you actually have to put in some hard work in order to reap the rewards.  While webmasters and website owners can provide a certain amount of marketing on your behalf, nothing sells you better than YOU do.



If you have an established social media presence already, then you will love  If you are a model who has lost a social media account due to posting racy photos deemed too inappropriate for Facebook, IG, Tumblr, or any other social media platform, then you need to check out 2Hot4FB.  Not only is this a way to share those naughty bits with your fans, but you can earn money doing so.  The process is easy and you can earn money a number of ways while allowing your fans to check out your girly bits.  Steve, the welll-respected owner, has been in the industry for several years and knows the ins and outs of how to market girls in the industry.  He is very hands on in answering questions and helping you get started on 2Hot4FB.  It costs you nothing and you get to make a few extra bucks.

Shout Out Post

If there is one rule in being popular online it is networking with others. allows you to do just that.  Unlike other shout out sites, is FREE and offers several options that you won't find on other shout out sites.  This is an excellent way to expand your network and promote yourself and others.  You control who you trade with, what social media platforms you trade on, the content of the shout outs, and more.


The community at the forums has been an excellent supportive community for online models for several years.  Users are respectful, fun, and they help models by spreading the word about you.  Unlike most popular adult forums, you'll find guys who truly do become money spending fans and love telling others about you via their own social media and in other communities.  They're a friendly bunch and have thousands upon thousands of daily users on their forums.  You're in great hands within the Phun community as long as you aren't there just spamming them to death.

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages require consistent interaction, but this is one of your best resources when it comes to converting traffic (i.e. guys who spend money).  As long as you adhere to Facebook's strict rules and you consistently interact with users, you can truly benefit from the financial rewards of Facebook.  You have complete control of your identity (page staff can remain anonymous) and with the right attitude and images, you will soon find yourself with an impressive fan base, more traffic and more money.

Mav Social

If you are attempting to update and maintain several social media profiles at once, then Mav Social is for you.  There are plenty of paid social media management options out there…or “free” ones that are limited.  With Mav Social, you don't have to pay anything at all.  And they offer several tools (in which they are always adding to) such as stats, pre-scheduling, and more.  It's rare you find a free service that offers more than a paid social media management service.  They have a few paid options, but unless you are managing over 50+ social media accounts, it's nothing an online model would need.


Facebook Page Management 

Unsure of Facebook's rules?  No time to be consistent?  Don't know how to get started?  We are extremely experienced in running successful Facebook Pages and Groups for companies and individuals in both the mainstream and adult markets.  Our “adult market” reach alone is expansive and impressive.  We have Facebook Pages that are all organically grown (we don't pay for likes, etc.!) with hundreds of thousands of fans.  We can use our current Facebook presence and network to help you start and / or maintain your own Facebook Fan Page.  This is a FREE service.  We make money by using our affiliate links to your profiles to promote you on your page.  You would need to provide the SFW images / videos / fan signs needed for consistent updates and we can take care of the rest.  You would have full access to your Facebook page so that you can also interact and post and also watch your stats as your Facebook presence grows.  Simply CONTACT US for additional details.

Model Launch

Niki Skyler is a well-known webcam model with an enormous social media presence.  She has now put together a business to help models get started or to expand their current fan base.  They offer everything from social media promotion, video editing, DMCA services, design services and more.  We have witnessed first hand Model Launch do extremely well for cam girls, old and new.  They are well worth spending the money on.  You will surely make it back with all that Model Launch has to offer.

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