Skye Evans is your not-so-average 25 year old former business student.  She also happens to be the proud owner of one of the hottest asses on the web today.  This Italian COED admits she has a huge weakness for things such as pizza, chicken fingers, and hot girls.  She does enjoy boys too, so fear not!

I think one of the things that I enjoy most about her is that she has such a diverse look to her.  Whether she is a blonde or a brunette, she has this way of going from the girl-next-door look to the ultimate seductress with ease.  I love a girl who can go from that super intelligent girlfriend you take home to mom to being your ultimate wet dream.  Could you imagine the insane amount of teasing that Skye would put you through if you were her significant other?!?!!?

Real Girls Are Free

You can often find Skye hanging out HERE, where her buddy, Maggie the dog, is often at her side helping to keep the masses in line.  This girl is very interactive with her fans.  She answers questions, provides some laughs, and has a fun personality in addition to that killer Italian ass.  Skye Evans is definitely becoming one of my personal favorites.  You definitely need to add her to your ‘hot list' of babes for sure.


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