Mileena Kiani is an absolute stunner.  Add in a touch of the Anthony Cumia Show and you have a winning package.  Recently, Mileena was poolside in one of Anthony Cumia's sexy little tank tops and our team was able to snag some high-resolution shots of this hot little latina flaunting the Anthony Cumia Show logo across those beautiful boobies of hers.  I am sure the crew over at the show are envious of this beautiful babe's body flaunting Anthony's show.
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If you are looking for even more Mileena Kiani, be sure to check her out over in our Stalkerish EyeCandy Section.  You'll see why she's quickly becoming a fan favorite with her kick ass personality and willingness to share her amazing little body with us (Did I mention she has that whole Latina Booty thing going on??).

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  • Mileena Kiani

    Aw thank you so much Stalkerish<3

    • We have a mad crush on you. Expect to see more of you on here.

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