Michelle Jean certainly catches your eye with her stunning green eyes, gorgeous long hair, and an all-natural perfect body.  When you put all of these sexy traits together into one young woman who just happens to have some excellent business sense, you get Michelle Jean.  When Michelle is in front of the camera, she can be found at the helm of This Years Model, a website full of gorgeous young college-aged women.  With her fun personality and knack for business, it is easy to see why she attracts so many beautiful young ladies to work with her on this exciting new project of hers.

Sexy Michelle Jean Video


Of course we cannot forget that Michelle herself is quite the beauty as well. We wouldn't be doing her (or our readers) any justice if we didn't include some eye candy for you to ogle. She knows how to work the camera and be the ultimate tease. But don't fret! You can see much much more of Michelle Jean inside her website.  You will not be disappointed to find some incredible high resolution photos and videos of not just Michelle, but the many other gorgeous girls she has lined up for your personal enjoyment.

Michelle Jean Photos and Videos

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