Gisele has been around the Internet for years.  She's almost into MILF status but she looks damned good no matter how the web decides to classify her.  She's been a webcam model.  She's been a Playboy Cybergirl.  She's been on Sweet Ass Angels.  She's even been on TMZ.  For the most part, she seems to cling to her webcam fan base.  She is like fine wine…as she ages, she gets better.
Gisele Photos, Videos and Live Webcam

These webcam snaps do her no justice. She's got all sorts of naughty high-resolution photos and videos up over on Sweet Ass Angels. You'll certainly want to check those out to get a real nice view of everything she has to offer. There's also dozens of more girls there as well with all sorts of content to add to the pot.

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