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KneeColeSlaw (who we knew as “Coley” or “Nicole) achieved her first Internet fame as an online model.  While these days you can find her enjoying her vide0 gaming popularity, we will always remember her for her sexy teaser videos, hot amateur photos, and live webcam shows.  This video is just a small sample of the goodness she brought to the web back in 2007-ish.  She was the ultimate tease and quickly generated all sorts of attention.  She and several of our other Eyecandy Girls captured the attention of places such at,, numerous magazine publications and more.  At one point, we even were invited to MySpace headquarters and partied it up with the Break team out in Hollywood.  There are some pretty interesting photos and videos from those crazy girl / girl adventures!

Coley still lives in Louisiana (and has that sexy Southern accent!) where she was born, raised, and has lived all of her life.  She is still stunning at the age of 31.  She has been developing and expanding her gaming career over the last 3+ years on various platforms.  League of Legends is among her favorites.She stays busy with her fur babies, Kai and Bailey, and has even taken up painting.  She is pretty damned good at it too!  Most importantly, KneeColeSlaw has maintained her crazy sense of humor.  In some of the photos below you can even see how she enjoyed tormenting our photographers and the other girls.  Some of the other models in the photos with Nicole are:  Victoria Raye, Kymmmy, Femme Eden, Gisele, and Jacey Marie.

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