Once again, Kendall Morgan & Mileena Kiani are together.  Our two favorite brunette babes are spending the weekend doing naughty things…together.  Do you remember the last time they got together?  There were some pretty sexy webcam shows.  I recall a kiddie pool, bikinis that disappeared, handcuffs, school girls and other crazy moments.  Yeah, it was pretty insane.  Things will only get more crazy with Mileena and Kendall.
Kendall Morgan & Mileena Kiani

If you want to see even more of these ladies individually check out posts featuring Kendall Morgan and posts featuring Mileena Kiani.  We love them both around here because they work so hard.  They are also continually giving back to their fans.

Be sure to catch them live on our Eyecandy Section.  They will be around off and on all weekend.  Register for FREE and get notified when they're online so you don't miss out!  As we know, they truly do keep things crazy and fun.  Don't miss out!

Kendall Morgan & Mileena Kiani Photos

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