The Kelly Twins have accomplished one of their lifetime goals by posing for Playboy.  While the magazine may no longer feature nudity, Playboy Plus doesn't hold back and neither do these beautiful twins from the Chicago area finally made their way out to Los Angeles and shot some amazing content with the Playboy team.  Brittany and Brandi Kelly have had a strong social media presence for the past few years and we can only assume that their social media fan base is about to explode even more after these photos and video make their way onto the Internet.  They have also signed on for Season 8 of MTV's Wild n' Out with Nick Cannon.

Kelly Twins Are All-American Girls

Brittany Kelly and Brandi Kelly say that people can only tell them apart by their personalities.  Brittany is supposedly the more serious of the two and Brandi is the wild child.  In the full-length video and naughty photos only available at PlayboyPlus, the two show off their Twin chemistry by spraying each other with beer while having their miniature cookout.   “Classic and all-American—just drinking beer, grilling hot dogs and having fun! I even sprayed a beer on Brandi.” Brandi wrinkles her nose. “I had to break to take a shower, I was soaked,” she says, cracking a smile.

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