Kathryne MFC has been a webcam girl at SweetAssModels.com for less than a year.  In a competitive market, this exotic beauty from New Zealand has already made herself stand out.  She is not only an all-natural beauty but she is also very down-to-earth when interacting on her social media and in her webcam chatroom.  Kathryne MFC is a 27 year old bi-curious beauty with a sexy accent to match.

Kathryne MFC Nude

Kathryne is one of the web's best kept secrets, however, I don't see it staying that way for very long.  She is the complete package when it comes to being such an exotic beauty coupled with a fun personality.  And let's not forget that this stunning webcam model can rock any type of lingerie there is.  I haven't seen Kathryne ever wear anything unflattering.  Everything she wears on her webcam appears to have been made especially with her in mind.  Kathryne, if you read this, our hearts and souls would melt if you would give us an interview.  We kinda have a major crush on you!!

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