Julianne Klaren is a bit of a mystery.  We don't know much about this San Diego based beauty.  We know she is a cute college COED who attended Palomar College.  Most notable is that she's a beautiful single mom to a little girl who is just as beautiful as her mother.  That alone deserves some major respect.  She is very much into a healthy lifestyle and was a fitness trainer.  No chips, soda, sweets, etc.  This 23 year old beauty is well put together and not just in the physical sense.

She is working on launching her own website soon.  With the number of Instagram fans she has, she certainly needs a website featuring nothing but her beautiful photos.  Her talents extend beyond her modeling.  She would much prefer to cook a meal at home rather than go out.  She also has a hidden singing talent she doesn't mention often.  She obviously has goals and good business sense.  With 2.6 million Instagram fans (at the time of writing this), she has managed to develop her personal brand and secure her place among Instagram's most beautiful women.  Julianne Klaren is quickly going places and we have enjoyed seeing her growth as a model and a mother.

Julianne Klaren Photos

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