Jingle Your Balls With This Weekend's Wrap-Up!  It's been a week full of fun and debauchery on the Internet.  As the holidays get closer, we are starting to see some very yummy holiday treats.  However, we do miss bikini season.  Fortunately, yoga pants keep our minds occupied during the cooler weather.  Here are a few of our favorite picks for staying warm this week. (Featured Image is KissKara and Katie Banks from Bella Girls)

Definitely On The Naughty List

Jingle Your Balls - ICGirls


When it comes to all things on the naughty list, the girls of ICGirls have it on lockdown.  These are the ladies from our Eyecandy Model Section who tend to get really naughty.  They enjoy getting a little down and dirty.  And they certainly don't mind when you try to stuff their stockings.  If enjoy letting loose with some beautiful babes, I highly suggest you give the girls at ICGirls a moment of your time.  These girls are more than worth it.

Motorcycle Fantatic Sklyer Lo

Jingle Your Balls - Skyler Lo

SOURCE:  Skyler Lo

We have made it known that we are in love with Skyler Lo.  We have made her one of our #ModelMonday features.  This sexy Latina even took time out of her motorcycle riding to do an interview with us.  The only thing better than the 100+ photos we shared of Skyler, is seeing this sexy Mexican / Salvadorian hottie live on her webcam.   She has an amazing body that shows off curves for days.  Her personality is fun.  She really knows how to engage your body and mind.  If I could be a webcam model for a day, I would choose to be Skyler Lo.  You seriously need to go meet her yourself and you'll understand why I have such a #girlcrush on her.  She'll jingle your balls like no other!

Bryci And the Bella Girls

Jingle Your Balls - Bryci

Source:  Bryci and the Bella Girls

Bryci's naughty antics are soooo hot that we can't share them here.  However, you are able to not only catch Bryci's naughtiness but that of her girlfriends over at Bella Pass.  What I enjoy most about the Bella Girls is that when you join, you are not only getting access to Bryci's Website, but access to several other websites as well.  There is plenty of entertainment to keep things fun year round.  With several updates a week you may want to consider investing in some AstroGlide stock.

Remy Lacroix Booty And Drama

Jingle Your Balls - Remy Lacroix

SOURCE:  BoobsRealm

BoobsRealm.com tells us that there is some drama in Remy Lacroix land.  Who doesn't enjoy sitting around in their underwear, sipping egg nog, and sharing some good gossip at BoobsRealm?  It seems that Remy Lacroix has decided to retire so that she can pursue a career as an EMT.  We give mad props to girls who move into the real world and pursue new adventures.  Our inner perv hates to see them go, but we always have plenty of photos and videos to drool over.  It seems that when Remy decided to exit the adult business she exchanged a few tweets with some pornstars.  I'm all for a good cat fight, but prefer to catch it on video while they're naked.  Anyway, BoobsRealm has the full Remy Lacroix rundown on her retirement and the drama that followed.

Lingerie Models Do The Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge has been taking the Internet by storm.  Celebrities, professional athletes, and even prisoners have been getting into it and uploading their videos.  We came across one of the sexier versions of the Mannequin Challenge on Youtube.  You can find these particular lingerie models on Twitter:  @OliviaBerzinc @AshleyEmmax @xAliceGoodwinx @danniiharwood.

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