Jessica Ashley is the ideal Playboy Playmate to help ease us into spring.  Jessica was the June 2014 Playmate of the Month. With her brown hair, brown eyes, and full lips it is easy to understand why she was among the chosen few.  I remember when Jessica was sought after even in her late teens.  She was probably one of the most catfished girls on the Internet back then.  So she is no stranger to all of the attention, but it is nice to see that it has taken a positive turn and worked out well for her.

“I’m a writer, but I’ve been modeling for three years,” she says. “Mostly commercial. This was my first time going fully nude.” Unsurprisingly, Jessica was a natural, and stepped into Playmate-hood as easy as she stepped out of her clothes. “I try to go where the wind takes me,” she says. “I looked at some old Centerfolds for inspiration. It wasn’t like work at all – I felt like I was on vacation.”

Jessica also has a great deal to offer in the brains department.  An English major from suburban Michigan and a University of Michigan graduate, Jessica is the perfect mix of the girl next door and a total minx. “Some might describe me as shy,” says Jessica. “I’m usually very well-behaved, but I definitely have an adventurous side. I love skydiving – anything with an adrenaline rush, really – but I also love to spend the day in bed with a good book.”

SOURCE:  Playboy Plus / Instagram / Facebook

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