Hollie Cakes has been around for a few years now.  I remember when she first started as a non-nude webcam girl.  Now she's baring it all and then some.  She even loves including her girlfriends whether it's a photo shoot, live webcam chat, videos and more.  Hollie has a zest for adventure.  She is the only webcam model that  I know of who has traveled in an Air Stream trailer around the country and broadcasting live webcam shows from various locations across the USA.Hollie Cakes Photos, Videos and Live Webcam

This redheaded beauty is originally from Australia but has officially moved to the USA and made herself known in the webcam model circuit.  Her accent is as adorable as her girl-next-door look.  She loves meeting new people, traveling to new places, showering her dogs with attention, taking photos, wine, decorating, yoga, taking photos (including the many naughty ones she shares with her fans), and getting naked on the Internet.  Every now and then she will give you an exclusive look into her kinky love affair with Cookie Monster as well….hey, anything goes in the webcam world!

Hollie Cakes is certainly one of the more interesting cam girls out there today. It's been crazy watching her going from being shy to take off her shirt to becoming a full-on anything goes kinda girl. She has dozens of sexy little videos (including plenty of girl-on-girl action) you can hit her up about in addition to her social media, webcam, and other teasers. She certainly won't leave you disappointed. She tease you just enough to leave you wanting more. And we all know that if you stop wanting more from a certain girl, that's not a good thing.

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