There's a million things we can call it … Fierce Friday, Frisky Friday, Flirty Friday, or whatever else gets your attention.  These beautiful babes have what it takes to bring a smile to you before kicking off your weekend.  When a girl gives sexy eyes with that ‘come hither' look, you can't help but to get a little weak in the pants.  There is just something extra sexy about a girl who takes subtle control with even the smallest of gestures.  Fierce females are an expert in this flirtatious art form.

More Eye Candy Ahead

I think we have covered just about every flavor of frisky females in this gallery below.  See something you like?  Click on it and sit back to enjoy the full-sized image.  Need more than one bite?  Then click through the entire gallery and soak it all in.  Just don't get caught at the office wiping the drool off your chin.

WARNING:  Fierce Females Below

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