Cute girls in glasses are a nice way to kick off a little #TuesdayTease.  Who cares if the girl is actually a nerd or not when they look this good in a pair of glasses.  You can't deny there's something hot about a cute girl who's sporting a pair a glasses.  It brings out a touch of innocence and lots of intelligence.  With all of that in mind, you have one hell of a combination when it comes to a four-eyed babe looking your way.  I'm particularly partial when a girl adds a sinister smirk with her sexy rims.

Cute Girls in Glasses

Just keep in mind, some of those geeky girls from your middle school and high school days who wore glasses and looked terrible, probably grew up to be incredibly hot.  I am sure with puberty out of the way, some of them may have turned into some of these gorgeous four-eyed hotties.  Maury Povich should do a few more episodes featuring exactly just those chicks.  And in the bedroom??  Take them off?  Leave them on?? Do you really even care at that point?  I don't think I would give two shits either way, but they certainly are a bonus for the foreplay!

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