Charlotte McKinney is a beautiful blonde bombshell originally from Orlando, Florida.  This sassy babe is 22 years old (Aug. 6) and commands attention with her 5′ 7″ in body with crazy curves including her all-natural 32F breasts.  You would never guess that Charlotte was the target of bullies growing up, however, due to her dyslexia and early-developing body, she was often made fun of.  Eventually she dropped out of high school at the age of 17 but she has managed to pave her own way to success with her business savvy.  I would say that Charlotte is having the last laugh when it comes to her former high school bullies.

Charlotte McKinney describes herself as a “curvier bombshell with extra big boobs”.  While we do agree with that description, we want to add that she is so much more.  Charlotte initially pursued a modeling career without management or an agency.  She used Instagram as her personal portfolio and quickly became Insta-famous and was featured in Esquire Magazine.  Soon after, she used her social media savvy to become a Guess model and signing with the world famous Wilhemina Models.

Eventually she found herself starring in one of the many sexy Carl's Jr. Burger Commercials that aired during SuperBowl XLIX (see the video above).  The success of that commercial has lead to Charlotte being dubbed ‘the next Kate Upton'.  “I’m over it. I believe [Kate and I are two] totally different people and we have different career paths,” said Charlotte on her Twitter. She has since appeared on Dancing with the Stars and is steadily showing up in more Hollywood movies.

Charlotte McKinney Photos

Charlotte McKinney is Taking Over

CREDIT:  Guess | GQ | Instagram | Official Website

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