You may or may not have noticed some of the cosmetic changes to  Those are just a few of the adjustments we are making around here.  When we initially started this site, we honestly did not expect it to become so popular.  We have catered to both the mainstream market in addition to touching on the adult market as well.  More and more we have had requests for nude content while still embracing our other content.  We have also had requests for more social media girls.  So we have been plotting and trying to figure out how to best cater to both sides.

  1. will become our more SFW website.  While we will feature some adult models, cam girls, etc., we will have a stronger focus on social media babes.  We feel this will allow us to bring you the sexy girls from Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, etc without nudity.
  2. will now incorporate some NSFW posts into its current lineup.  The nudity will be ‘Playboy style' nudity.  We will never allow hardcore porn, naked guys, bodily fluids, etc.  We will keep it sexy but tasteful.  We will also incorporate some nudity from social media platforms that allow nudity such as Snapchat, Reddit and Twitter.

In addition to these changes we have cleaned up the navigation, links, advertisements and articles themselves.  Hopefully you will find the overall user experience much more friendly.  Now that we finally have figured out a clear direction we will get back to updating with more girls (and more skin!).

As always, we do welcome your feedback.  Thanks for your continued support and for making us a bit more popular than we had expected.

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