UPDATE:  Since we made this post about Camerella retiring, her longtime faker / impersonator (Megan Lewis of Tulsa Oklahoma), has been creating numerous social media profiles once again using variations of the name “Camerella Curves” and claiming that she (Camerella) is returning to the web with a new website and selling photos, videos, and “live” cam chats.  This is completely untrue.  The content this scammer is selling is all stolen old Camerella content and nothing new as she tries to claim.  The “live” cam chats are just her streaming old member chat archives and videos attempting to appear as if she is live.  Our legal team is already taking action and getting the images and profiles she has made taken down.  We will be pursuing additional legal action against Megan Lewis as a result of her ongoing persistence and impersonation.  Sorry if she got anyone's hopes up but Camerella is remaining in retirement.

Camerella has long been legendary among the cam girl nation.  She was webcamming before it became popular.  Back then there weren't a million webcam sites over-saturating the Internet.  Eventually she found herself with a website or two along the way.  However, trustworthy webmasters were hard to come by.  In the end, she was happy with Camerella Cams and having a female webmaster is what worked best for her as well as many other models in the long run.

It's been no secret that Camerella has been gone for awhile now from the adult webcam world.  We tracked her down and have been able to get a few answers and perhaps a little bit of closure for her many, many fans she still has.  She remains as sweet and down-to-Earth as ever.

“I was active for many years as a webcam model,” she says.  “At first the attention was flattering and the money was an added bonus.  However, I had other goals in life I wanted to pursue such as college and other things grown ups do.  There are some fans that I stay in contact with but no more webcam shows or sexy photos.  But I do get surpises like this amazing art piece (/u/portrait_fusion) from Reddit or Facebook.  I love when people understand why I left and don't look down on me for it and are actually very encouraging.”

Camerella, Where For Art Thou??

We love a girl with a plan and Camerella is no exception.  She started saving up her money from her solo site(s) and webcam shows to pay for college and the living expenses that go with it.  She is a savvy girl and has proven that she is more than the sexy girl-next-door with huge boobs.  Camerella has always maintained an excellent relationship with her fan base over the years and she hated to leave them disappointed, but she had to focus on what she wanted to do with her life.

“I had always wanted to pursue my college education.  But at the same time, I don't like to let anyone down.  It was conflicting at times, but in the end I had to make the jump from the Internet into the real world to do what I wanted to do,” Camerella told us.  When we asked what helped her make that final decision we were a little taken aback.  “Towards the end of my webcam career, I had a very aggressive stalker.  It got to the point that we involved the police.  At that time, we learned of his violent criminal record that even included assaulting his own Grandmother.  He was completely invasive into my personal life, my family, my job etc.  With that stalker and a persistent faker / impersonator named Megan from Oklahoma using my identity for crazy shit, I knew then that I was making the right decision to move on with my life.”

So what is she up to these days??  “I am working full-time in my dream job. I completed my college education, I'm living a more private life with my friends and family and the best boss a girl could ever ask for.  I'm very happy.  I will always love and appreciate everyone who supported me over the years.  My fans still mean the world to me.  But like many of them, I had to get back to the real world and take care of myself.”

Camerella Fully Nude Photos and Videos

We do miss Camerella.  She is still the epitome of what we believe a good cam girl should be.  She is a gracious, always helpful, extremely genuine, and still a very beautiful young woman.  Every now and then some content is added to her website that was left on a hard drive somewhere.  We offer a few NSFW photos of Camerella in our new NSFW Photo Section.  But if you want more of her you will need to check out Camerella Cams!


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