21 year old Ashley Martelle is winning the whooty game.  A whooty is a white girl with a booty.  Ashley has a unique look all her own.  That look includes her sexy little body and a very edible booty.  Ashley is a native of Louisiana who caught the eye of Amber Rose and the rest is history.  Currently she is dating music producer Irv Gotti.

Ashley once once a member of the U.S. Marines.  She has since gone onto several various adventures involving her modeling.  We won't mention a certain ‘group' she was once involved with.  We only enjoy Ashley as she is today.  She is quite the stunner with her flawless face and sense of style.  With friends like Demi Rose, Amber Rose and Irv Gotti, we are fairly certain we will see big things coming to Ashley's career.

Ashley Martelle Photos

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  • Charlie_D

    I dont see any booty.

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