Angie Varona has long been an Internet phenom.  However, her “fans” have not always been the most desirable.  Her photos were leaked online when she was only 14 years old.  Angie's personal Photobucket account was hacked.  Soon enough, skeezy Internet pervs were soon photoshopping those images to make it appear as if those photos were nude (which they were not).  Not long afterwards, adult websites, dating websites and more were using those images of 14 year old Angie for their own personal gain.  To this day, some of those perverse webmasters and porn companies continue to use those images knowing that Angie was underage in the images.  ABC News did a story on Angie's plight back in 2011.

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Angie is now almost 24 years old.  This stunning Latina has taken a bad situation and turned it around.  She has taken control of her image and her brand.  She is now happily engaged, brings awareness to animal rights, and has been taking her college career by the balls.  Angie is beautiful on the outside, but there is much more substance to her that deserves recognition.  She is a positive role model for young women on the Internet.  She has used her past online experiences to bring awareness the dangers of sharing photos online when you are underage.  Her life is moving in a positve and productive direction despite the obstacles in her path.  Most importantly, her family has surrounded her with love and support over the years.

These days Angie can be found taking social media by storm.  In between her beautiful self shot photos you get a feel for her heart.  Whether it's animals, helping fund raise for a friend, or others near and dear to her, Angie is there offering a helping hand.  She has come out on top and moved on from her past online experience.  Angie has handled her situation with class and strength.  Fortunately, she is sharing herself with us despite all that happened to her.  We are certainly grateful fans of hers.  You guys voted her as your “Instababe of the Week” last week.  As promised, here is more of Angie Varona.

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