Angelina Stevens has been compared to Angelina Jolie for some obvious reasons.  However, don't let the physical similarities fool you!  Angelina Stevens is a feisty Southern girl wrapped in a 32D, 22, 34 package.  This 28 year old babe sports a few pieces of ink (I'd like to learn more about her tattoos) and models professionally when she isn't teasing all of us pervs online in her live webcam chat.  And this girl loves girls just as much as she does boys!  That makes her that much more sexy in my book.

Angelina's Eyecandy Profile and Photos ||  Angelina Stevens's Fan Club 

Angelina offers a private diary, naughty photo shoots, sexy videos, and much more at  She has everything from her candid self-shot photos to professionally done photos and videos for her fans to enjoy.  These photos are pretty tame compared to what she has in store for her members.  This is why she is also a proud member of our Naughty List this year.  Who would like to volunteer to be the first person to dish out her Christmas spankings?  We love a girl who is so good at being bad and Angelina does it extremely well.  Looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us in 2016!

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  • Richard Greer

    Beautiful Ladies, I tryed to join, but it would not let me

    • Which site were you attempting to join, Richard? Feel free to email me directly at stalker at stalkerish dot com 🙂

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