You may know Alexandra Steele as one of our stunning Eyecandy Models.  She truly has some of the best teases when it comes not only to her webcam shows, but also her twitter account.  I am fairly confident this gorgeous blonde beauty with legs for days could single-handedly melt the twitter servers.  She has made her POV photos sinful and certainly does not disappoint in leaving you craving her.

Our elves caught a glimpse of what Alexandra sent to Santa recently.  Both her letter to Santa and the photos are certain to land her on Santa's naughty list for years to come!

Oh Santa, I've been good, VERRRRRY goooooood…

*wiggles and grinds while getting comfy on your lap*

You see, I've been a busy little thing, helping the amazing men around Camland get their Christmas wishes early!  Driving them crazy with this tight body.  Dirty talking to them until they lose their minds.  And Santa, some of them even SHOW me what I do to them.  Innocent, little me!  Can you believe it?

*pushes cleavage against that furry, red suit and whispers in your ear*

Wanna know a secret, Santa?  I might even know what YOU want for Christmas…  Yes, you!

*throws those long legs over your thighs and licks those luscious lips*  

Umm, this won't affect my record, will it?  I'd hate to be put on the naughty list for what's about to happen…  Oh, Santaaaa, is that a candy cane down there?  I like candy canes!  Guess what I do with candy canes?  Okay, on second thought, perhaps I've been a naughty girl after all!

Let me drive YOU crazy this Christmas.  Who knows, maybe you'll even get me wrapped up with a bow, under your tree?

Alexandra Steele Naughty Christmas

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