We are a female owned and operated website and we believe in sharing the sexy in a positive manner.  The girls we feature are not “sluts”, “cam whores”, or any other degrading internet terms that often are associated with women who choose to share themselves in whatever capacity they choose on the Web.  We embrace them and support them in all they do.

Contrary to what our name makes you initially believe, we are not stalking anyone at all.  “Stalkerish” is simply a play on a popular term in mainstream media today.  We respect the girls we feature on our website and do NOT encourage any of our readers to become “stalkers”.  Stalkerish.com is an entertainment website that allows fans of beautiful women to get to know girls they are not familiar with and to learn more about the girls they are already fans of.  We would never provide any images, videos, or information on any girl that we feel would invade her privacy.  In most instances, we work directly with these girls to bring you their most up-to-date photos, videos, social media, and other information they provide to us.  We have no qualms about removing items from an article if a girl is unhappy with it as we want them to be comfortable with how they are featured here.


Stalkerish.com is a website where fans from all over the Web can collectively (and safely) enjoy these lovely ladies from all walks of life.  We really don't approve of real stalkers out there.  And we certainly hope that you respect and enjoy these women as much as we do.